Keith’s Weekly Notes 21/04/2022

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A short week with Easter, yet fruitful with having written and distributed for consideration a Data Strategy.

The Meganexus offer has been through a number of iterations and plans are now in place to test the product with up to 200 end users.

The GMTS Onboarding VC is being tested by former trainees and the feedback is shaping the site for the S2022 intake.

Delivery Team away day was very useful to identify how it operates within the other main parts of the digital team.

Enjoying my time with the support team and looking at the processes and procedures that can be revised and implemented.

They say your network is your net worth and a piece of work involved with in 2017 regarding a diagnostic talent management toolkit, revisited with an early London adopter.

Thought provoking NG SLT session around WRES that will be reflecting on and building into my practice.

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