NHS Leadership Academy Digital Team


Keith’s Weekly Notes 26/05/2022

The digital support team has now curated – our support team – document that contains the processes and procedure’s we all need to follow. This will enable better collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders. The NHS Nightingale website template format is being progressed with the NW & NEY regions, […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 19/05/2022

Our Support Team Information, Advice and Guidance written and circulated to the team. Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Meganexus developed platform now out for testing and evaluation with particpants. Planning for Phase 3 progressing well. Ongoing discussions with NEY & NW regions regarding migration to the NHS Nightingale […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 12/05/2022

Participant’s for phase 2 of testing and evaluating the Meganexus platform now provided with the user guide and instructions. London Talent Management team now have the login details to review the content for the Diagnostic Toolkit. Ongoing discussions with NEY & NW colleagues to utilise the NHS Nightingale Templates as […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 05/05/2022

Progress on the harmonisation of the remaining websites to adopt the NHS Nightingale Templates. Phase 1 testing and evaluating of the Meganexus platform – Bring on Potential – is in hand. Phase 2 and Phase 3 being planned. The Talent Management Diagnostic Tool Kit has been placed into a test […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 28/04/2022

Went up to London to meet with the London Region HR & OD teams as part of the return to the office plans. The GMTS Onboarding Virtual Campus is nearing sign off to be used by the S2022 trainees. Training session provided to the Support Team to better use the […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 21/04/2022

A short week with Easter, yet fruitful with having written and distributed for consideration a Data Strategy. The Meganexus offer has been through a number of iterations and plans are now in place to test the product with up to 200 end users. The GMTS Onboarding VC is being tested […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 14/04/2022

A stimulating week that has improved and enhanced my appreciation of the digital team. I have become involved with how the digital support team provides its service to a myriad of stakeholders. A Data Strategy has been drafted to complement the Digital Strategy produced in February 2022. I have user […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 07/04/2022

Time spent with the digital support team to understand the interconnections with the development and content team. And the interactions with stakeholders. Digital Sprint planning in the development and support teams invaluable. Supporting the testing and evaluation of the Meganexus developed site over the next three months. GMTS Onboarding module […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 30/03/2022

A short week due to using up annual leave, yet a fulfilling one. Supported a colleague who is on the Nye Bevan programme. Working with Meganexus as part of an evaluation piece. Identifying the collaboration between the digital and regional teams to harmonise a website. Immersing myself with the digital […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 24/03/2022

This has been a great first week back after annual leave.Spending time with my digital colleagues to share and exchange how we can promote the digital offer.Met with SW Region colleagues to showcase the opportunities of The Learning Hub.SE Region have migrated their website to the Nightingale templates that enables harmonisation across the look and feel of our websites as end users access them.Commenced work on a Data Strategy.Reconnected with colleagues on the Next Generation SLT and listened to a thought provoking video by Dr Bola Owolabi.Attempting to identify how our data can be migrated on to the Collaboration Drive.Continuing to keep my digital and paper learning journals.Enjoyed jquery so much have decided to return to it so I can improve my understanding of how this better works with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.