Keith’s Weekly Notes 03/02/2022

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  • This has been a pivotal week with regards to my secondment. With any new opportunity and experiences there is always the sense of being an imposter.
  • As this week has progressed, I have appreciated the connections I have made within the Delivery, Content and Support teams. This has led to me being able to contribute within the digital space with a new sense of confidence. That has helped me to also identify with the needs and demands of the wider health and social care system.
  • I have become involved with KPIs, Licences, Annual Planning and the role Artificial Intelligence can help in the workplace. Whilst at the same time also drawing on my leadership, OD and talent management experiences.
  • I have also undertaken some 360 HLM feedback to support a colleague in a host organisation.
  • Homework for me – since January 2022 – has been completing an HTML and CSS course on Udemy and building my first website using FTP to host. The next lesson is moving onto Javascript.
  • The digital team have enhanced my happiness to come to work, that I have not had for a while. The privilege of having this opportunity has also high-lighted that I am always learning, and the key is to have an open mind and embrace the variety of people being met and to be grateful for the sharing of knowledge and experiences to support our client base.

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