Keith’s Weekly Notes 10/02/2022

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  • Digital Sprint Planning should not be underestimated by the wider business as to the importance for digital projects being achieved. It enables the development team to review workloads and workstreams during a specific timeframe. This is a useful methodology to ensure all facets of development are undertaken. Having worked with Kaizen and Lean approaches in other sectors these applications would work well across the Digital Development, Content and Support Teams. However, Kaizen and Digital Sprint Planning would also need to be embraced across the wider business, to ensure present and future digital projects moved from concept to reality in a planned, structured and costed manner.
  • I’m very pleased with how HTML and CSS have provided me with the basics to undertake web development. The tricky aspect of JavaScript is now being learnt that continues my fascination of the code behind how we almost take for granted, that web pages and web sites will just be there to help our daily lives.
  • Having an opportunity with the Digital Team, has determined my resolve to giving back my time and experiences. I have achieved this by being part of a Nye Bevan session – Knowing Yourself and Others Programme. Along with being on the Next Generation SLT I am also maintaining my commitment to coaching and mentoring of colleagues.
  • Identifying how and where to access ICS System Transformation Funding.
  • Visited Wellington House in London to meet with colleagues and received my ID badge for RTOW.

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