Keith’s Weekly Notes 11/08/2022

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The holiday season and the return of a second heatwave are upon us.

The content team are working on some interesting projects with internal and external stakeholders. As a team we have better line of sight on legacy, current and future workstreams through a simple Excel that all the team are encouraged to populate.

The Dynamic Conversation documentation has been provided to all of the content team to populate ahead of bi-weekly 1-2-1’s. ESR is also reflecting for the 2022/23 year this process has commenced.

I continue to write in my learning journal as my time in the digital team progresses and again have reflected on the HLM 360 feedback I received.

I have also become involved in a number of new of groups to enhance my understanding of the wider system.

The Udemy Web Developer Course has progressed from the frontend modules to the backend requirements to support my career aspiration of becoming a full stack developer. The WordPress 6.0 module has crystallised the links between frontend and backend and the potential of creating blogs and websites through this powerful programme.

Coaching and Mentoring is also a valuable use of my time during these uncertain times.

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