Keith’s Weekly Notes 18/08/2022

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Content team colleagues have returned from well deserved annual leave and we continue to identify the work streams through the agreed Excel planner.

Dynamic Conversation documentation is being completed with content colleagues looking at their HWB, Performance Enablement, Prioritisations, Aspirations and Motivations.

The Single Content Model approach to the programmes on offer will result in a streamlined approach with the content provision. Even though Content is within this phrase, it will take a collaborative approach with internal and external stakeholders to change the current processes and procedures.

The Strategic Development Funding submission is still awaiting sign off. This will enable 6-month support within the content team to assist with reducing backlogs and increase our capacity.

My Udemy Web Developer Course is now progressing well. With WordPress being concluded and template web pages being created. I have now moved on to PHP, which the first phase of moving from browser based frontend learning to the backend systems that are needed in Web Development.

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