Keith’s Weekly Notes 14/07/2022

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Five weeks managing the content team has enabled me to look at the processes and procedures that are in place. Ongoing discussions with the team regarding workloads, implementing a single content model and resurrecting the content project plan as part of a sprint planning process. One-to-Ones have been agreed on a bi-weekly basis and a whole team meeting takes place each Monday. The process for the 2022/23 Dynamic Conversations are in place and commenced on ESR.

NEY Region website using the NHS Nightingale templates has commenced. Dialogue as to the look at feel of the NEY website is progressing well.

The NW Region website subject to a digital request form being submitted will then see this final academy website being created.

It is very useful to be part of the Website Development Team, as this provides an overview of the processes to be put in place.

Creating a new NHS England has seen a number of meetings arranged as to when the formal process will begin. Time has been set aside to discuss concerns content team colleagues may have. I have been drawn to some work in Scandinavia that is looking at protecting people not jobs as a way to equip people for new ways of working.

Personal Development has progressed well this week with Bootstrap 4 taking my evening and weekend Udemy Web Developer Programme to 51% completion. This has also been supported by LinkedIn podcasts and courses on Artificial Intelligence.

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