Keith’s Weekly Notes 21/07/2022

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Significant time invested with the Content team to harmonise processes and procedures and promote the work of this team.

Enjoying 1-2-1s and dynamic conversations with the team. Increasing current and curating new employable skills are an ongoing theme.

The NEY Academy’s website architecture is being created to utilise the NHS Nightingale website templates.

The NW Academy’s website based on a digital request form being approved will see all of our Academy’s being on the same architecture. This will enable greater flexibility with the harmonisation so new exciting features such as Single Sign On can be rolled out across all seven Academy websites.

Coaching and Mentoring of NHS colleagues is continuing to support concerns and aspirations.

Time to Think is at a premium both personally and professionally with recent announcements.

As part of my Udemy Web Developer course, Bootstrap 4 now complete and WordPress now commenced. The structure of this programme is well presented and has an intuitive flow: HTML > CSS > JavaScript > jQuery > Bootstrap 4.

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