Keith’s Weekly Notes 17/02/2022

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  • Draft Digital Strategy produced.
  • The importance and usefulness of the Profile System: SSO; Active Directory; Academy ID / Key is becoming more pertinent for better data setting and the taxonomy to be created for the reporting process. Debate to be had on the potential requirement for a National Reporting and Learning System, together with improved Management Information System collaboration. This would also enable a wider conversation around Academy ID / Key being utilised with the Regions, Project M and the Learning Hub.
  • The on-boarding module for the GMTS S2022 intake is being tested in a virtual campus. This will help to shape a wider conversation to be had around GENI and an end to end digital solution to enable less transactional interventions for GMTS from application to alumni.
  • The use of the Collaboration Drives will need to be reviewed with regards as to how the eight Regions have their data stored.
  • Enjoyed being able to tell my work story to a new cohort on the Nye Bevan programme.

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