Keith’s Weekly Notes 19/05/2022

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Our Support Team Information, Advice and Guidance written and circulated to the team.

Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Meganexus developed platform now out for testing and evaluation with particpants. Planning for Phase 3 progressing well.

Ongoing discussions with NEY & NW regions regarding migration to the NHS Nightingale templates.

Go To telephony system being set up to enhance the working pattern within the Support Team.

Connections and networking with the digital team is increasing my knowledge base and understanding.

Next Gen SLT presentation produced and rehearsed in the evenings and at weekends ahead of delivery in Leeds on the 18 May.

Personal development – Web Developer programme – has suffered this week due to the large amount of time spent during and after work on Support Team challenges.

How to cross the start line a new approach I’m taking, rather than being solution and cross the finish line centred.