Keith’s Weekly Notes 22/09/2022

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The variety of work requests the content team are being asked to undertake continues to grow, and the Excel planner we have in place provides visibility and feasibility across the team. What has struck me is the added value of the content team across the system. It is often the unseen touch to support requests that demonstrates the professionalism and preparedness to go the extra mile. This can be shown by correcting an image at short notice, or identifying how a catalogue and taxonomy process needs to be discussed and explored to deliver a unified approach to content being accessed by the end user.

Daily huddles combined with regular 1-2-1’s and the use of dynamic conversations all look to enhance how we communicate and enhance our critical thinking as a team.

I am also continuing with requests for mentoring and coaching from colleagues that improves my practice as a leader.

My web developer programme now sits at 71% completion and the modules on php and mysql have shown me how Excel has a competitor. The functionality and interoperability with php and mysgl is breath-taking. Combined with the frontend browser based learning I have undertaken, this backend server side learning is immensely powerful.

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