Diagnostic tools

Talent Management Diagnostic Tool

Throughout the last year the Leadership Academy Digital delivery team worked collaboratively with Talent Management to develop an online Talent Management Diagnostic Tool for NHS organisations.
The Diagnostic Tool has been designed to enable NHS organisations to help them to review themselves against robust and evidence-based indicators of effective talent management within healthcare.


The online Diagnostic Tool is essentially a widely accessible web tool built to improve that process and allow organisations to receive a bespoke maturity report upon its completion. The advantage of completing the online diagnostic above a hard copy document, is that organisations are able to produce an instant maturity report which provides insights into areas of progress and strength, highlighting the areas that may require more immediate attention or further development. The Diagnostic and report aim to support organisations to focus on their talent priorities, continuously review and improve their approach, and apply the most appropriate tools and resources.


The Talent Management Diagnostic bespoke report outcome focus is on five main areas (called domains), all are of equal importance and it is to be expected that different NHS organisations will display varying levels of maturity.

Talent Management Diagnostic Domains

  • Enabling a culture of talent management
  • Equality diversity and inclusion in talent management
  • Identifying, managing and retaining talent
  • Developing and mobilising talent
  • Connecting talent interventions across local health and care systems

The report summarises an organisation’s progress and gives suggestions on areas for improvement or continued development, providing the links to the national talent management toolkit which is designed to signpost the resources that are most relevant to the organisation’s needs. Both the Diagnostic Tool and The Toolkit are continuously analysed, improved and updated by specialists in that field to address the NHS organisation needs and provide them with best possible outcome.

Further information

For further information visit https://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/talent help options.