Following Government design guidance for an open source, reusable electronic learning solution

The Leadership Academy eLearning solution is based on Government Design principles, and guidance on using open source software where appropriate.

Hosted on our modern, scalable and cloud agnostic infrastructure, our programmes and offers are built on the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment open source software, used around the world by learning institutions. As it is hosted in our own infrastructure, we have control over security, updates, configuration and portability, avoiding vendor tie-in or extended expensive external contracts.

Although core Moodle code provides a lot of useful learning tools by default, additional plugins are also used to provide extra functionality and features. Both the main Moodle and the plugin versions are automatically monitored and updated regularly as part of our software deployment pipeline, helping provide constant protection against any security issues and risks.

Building on the excellent work done by the Gov.uk Design System and the NHS Service Manual, our NHS branded theme is then applied to ensure a familiar user experience based on extensive research and testing.

Linked to our single sign-on system, our Moodle Virtual Campuses allow access across our programmes and self-guided resources in a flexible but consistent way. We offer a number of different tools to enable flexible, engaging and impactful development including:

  • Rapid content development using familiar text editor tools in the browser
  • Multimedia hosting; audio, images, graphics and videos
  • Interactive activities using SCORM or h5p packages, allowing complex, multiple choice scenarios within engaging resources
  • Groups and groupings; arrange content and interactions at a number of levels; intakes, cohorts, tutor groups, impact groups or action learning sets, dependent on the needs of the programme or offering
  • Forums; enable and encourage communications, reflections and conversations at any level from public to small, safe spaces
  • Messaging on a 1:1 basis between programme staff and participants
  • Assignment setting and marking; custom marking criteria, use of different marking scales, and workflows to suit specific requirements
  • Plagiarism checking against internet sources and other participant assignments to ensure rigorous academic integrity where needed

Depth and Flexibility

The NHS Leadership Academy eLearning platform has been used to deliver the full range of learning and development resources, from short, self-registration, single module resources designed to be always available to supporting delivery of apprenticeship-embedded versions of established programme, Masters-level qualifications for graduates, and senior level CEO programmes for those taking on high-level roles within health and care.