NHS Leadership Academy Digital Team


Keith’s Weekly Notes 29/11/2021

Digital Sprint. Created my own team Organogram using Markdown to help up understand the team. Undertook Visual Studio online tutorials. […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 22/11/2021

Daily Stand Up. Great session on Word Press and provided with access to Word Press.

Keith Weekly Notes 8/11/2021

Commenced a weekly digital learning journal using Markdown in Dillinger. Joined Slack. Downloaded Markdown and Dillinger and Visual Studio.

Keith’s Weekly Notes 20/12/2021

Reflective Piece 8 Nov to 23 Dec. A privilege to have joined the Digital Team with new skills learnt and […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes: 13/12/2021

A really useful site Future NHS FutureNHS Platform – FutureNHS Collaboration Platform with templates to help with Programme and Project […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes: 06/12/2021

Undertook a Project Management and Programme Management Course on ESR,. Undertook and online course to understand Help Scout. Worked through […]

The eLearning video production process

Updated: Jason Brewster – April 28, 2021 Development Understanding the Why Producing video can be expensive and time consuming – […]

8 DIY Video Do’s and Don’ts

8 DIY Video Do’s and Don’ts  Be still – Move the camera when you have a reason and the opportunity.  […]

Making accessibility… accessible

“I wish for a world that views disability, mental or physical, not as a hindrance but as unique attributes that […]

Redesigning our Virtual Campus Offer

In our other work streams, we have adopted the NHSUK Service Manual design – not only is this a heavily […]