Keith’s Weekly Notes 14/07/2022

Five weeks managing the content team has enabled me to look at the processes and procedures that are in place. […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 07/07/2022

Working with the Content team to identify how the requests being submitted can service all internal and external stakeholders. Dynamic […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 30/06/2022

A final report on the testing and evaluating of the Proof-of-Concept NHS-Leadership Academy‚Äôs upcoming new learning & development platform between […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 23/06/2022

Handed the Support Team over to my colleague and grateful to have learnt so much from this amazing team. Commenced […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 16/06/2022

Support team making fantastic steps with the provision of excellent customer service to all stakeholders. New processes and procedures being […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 30/05/2022 to 09/06/2022

The discipline of maintaining a digital journal has become incredibly valuable as my secondment progresses. The new skills, knowledge and […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 26/05/2022

The digital support team has now curated – our support team – document that contains the processes and procedure’s we […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 19/05/2022

Our Support Team Information, Advice and Guidance written and circulated to the team. Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 12/05/2022

Participant’s for phase 2 of testing and evaluating the Meganexus platform now provided with the user guide and instructions. London […]

Keith’s Weekly Notes 05/05/2022

Progress on the harmonisation of the remaining websites to adopt the NHS Nightingale Templates. Phase 1 testing and evaluating of […]